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This Little Piggy Went On The Black Market

GERTRUDE & OZ MFG. COMPANY have led new product and brand development for the launch of craft beer brand named Midnight Pig Beer, by Nevin’s Brewing Company. The brewery will produce Midnight Pig Beer at its flagship location in Plainfield, IL.

The Midnight Pig Beer brand centers on Chicago’s infamous beer brewing past with the same spirit and innovation that came from the original prohibition-era trailblazers, who needed their secret concoctions to speak for themselves. Under the cover of darkness, these innovators transported their concoctions in unmarked mason jars nicknamed “pigs.” OZ gave the signature line of eleven beers the name, Midnight Pig to honor a time when originality was paramount. OZ and GERTRUDE also rolled out the brand story, strategy, brand identity, packaging design, advertising, brand films, collateral, P.O.S., trade, consumer materials, and design of two Midnight Pig Tap Rooms.

Midnight Pig celebrates an infamous era of novelty that can only be described by the brand’s tagline, “Notoriously Authentic,” to bring you beers such as: “Shamefaced”(German-style Pilsner), alluding to the shame that came with being caught bootlegging, “Wishful Thinking”(Belgian-style Dark Ale), to the hope that Prohibition would end, “Good Governor” (American Double Red), in honor of Illinois Governor Henry Horner who announced the repeal of Prohibition, “Zicke Zacke” (German-style Märzenbier), in honor of the traditional German toast, “Apocalyptinator” (German-style Dopplebock), in reference to the fear of Prohibition, “Bootlegger’s Paradise” (Belgian-style Saison), an homage to the modern-day bootlegger, “Hook & Hatchet” (Vienna-style Lager), a temperance-movement weapon of choice, “Secret Passage” (Imperial Stout) and “Divine Trickster” (Belgian-style Witbier), a nod to Prohibition’s underground dealings and dealers, “Tumultous” (IPA), an embodiment of the calamity during Prohibition, “Snitches Get Stitches” (Robust Porter), attributed to the no nonsense attitude of the times, and Pinched (IPA), to raise a glass to those who got caught in the game of quenching thirsts.