Studebaker Whisky Cocktails Old Fashioned Bottle Render

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Introducing Infamous Cocktails Inspired By An Infamous Era

Following GERTRUDE & OZ MFG. COMPANY’s successful re-launch of the legendary I.W. HARPER bourbon, DIAGEO’s Innovation team has enlisted the agency to lead strategy and creative for the launch of new-to-world brand, STUDEBAKER Expertly Crafted Whisky Cocktails.

STUDEBAKER is a premium, full proof, crafted whisky cocktail featuring Prohibition inspired classics such as the STUDEBAKER Old Fashioned and STUDEBAKER Manhattan. Developed by historians and mixologists, STUDEBAKER masterfully blends the finest Canadian Whisky with select premium ingredients to replicate unique tastes of cocktail history, perfected from bottle to glass. STUDEBAKER’s elegant and contemporary art deco style packaging design furthers this story of exquisite quality rooted in Prohibition tradition.

GERTRUDE & OZ MFG. COMPANY created a campaign to bring these “famous cocktails inspired by an infamous era” to a modern audience with a taste for exquisitely crafted, classic cocktailing. STUDEBAKER launched nationally via Trade, Print, Digital, Brand Film, and Retail. GERTRUDE also oversaw the brand launch event, held in Chicago, which featured the STUDEBAKER “WHISKY 6iX”—a converted 2200 Series CTA Train Car reimagined as a 1920s Club Car, along with a 20’ shipping container designed as a “modern speakeasy” lounge.